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About NFCC

Counselors at NFCC view clients through three distinct theoretical perspectives to provide the best possible counseling experience. First, each individual is provided holistic care that examines the body, soul, and spirit. We believe the soul is a complex part of the self consisting of the mind, will, and emotions. Optimal health requires each of these parts of the whole to work in harmony. Medical wellness, mental health, and spiritual peace are interrelated; one cannot be adequately treated without addressing the others. For example unmanaged stress, anger, or anxiety initially affects the mind, will, and emotions, but rapidly infiltrates many body systems leading to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, indigestion, ulcers, irregular menses, etc. As systems begin to malfunction, the spirit may also suffer causing individuals to lack peace, and question or doubt their belief system.


Next, whether the client is in individual or family therapy each person is viewed through a Family System’s Approach, which suggests that individuals cannot be completely understood in isolation from one another, but rather as part of their family. This approach is in no way to be used as an excuse to blame the family for individual problems, nor does it allow the family to have a scapegoat to blame the issues. Within this theory, counselors utilize cognitive-behavioral, behavioral, REBT, gestalt, play therapy, and other techniques that best meet your goals.






Finally, NFCC counselors all counsel from a Christian worldview; however, while all counseling is filtered through the lens of Scripture, you have a choice whether to include Scripture or prayer in session. See our statement of faith to clarify our belief system from which all counseling is based. We believe that Christian counseling promotes lasting change as it is led by the Spirit



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