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Unplanned Pregnancy

Whether you’re a teen or an older adult, an unplanned pregnancy can become a crisis situation. Come talk to an expert on your options as they relate to your value system. Whether you need help with adoption, paternity issues, or simply want to discuss your fears. Our counselors care.



Do you fear your partner may have cheated on you and you might have an STD? Or is an STD affecting your relationships or do you simply need to learn the medical facts about the various STDs and their treatment? Come in for a few sessions and let one of our specially trained counselors teach you about HPV and its link to cervical and oral cancer or come discuss the emotional implications of STDs.


Dealing with an Adverse Diagnosis

Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes, and Genetic Illnesses all seem to carry a grave sentence of hopelessness. Realistic goals and a new plan can make all the difference. Whether you are the client or you’re attempting to cope with a diagnosis of a loved one, we can help.



The pain of being unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy to delivery is one of the most painful circumstances a couple may ever endure. Add to that the expense of fertility treatments, the loss from miscarriages, and the ethical dilemma regarding in vitro fertilization.  Counseling from a counselor who is also a nurse with fertility and grief expertise may be helpful.


End of Life Issues

Do you stop chemotherapy? Do you want a DNR? Does your family talk openly regarding your end of life wishes? Are you considering hospice, but want advice from a non-hospice provider? We’re here to listen and help you get the care you want, whether that’s assistance with legal documents or counseling with your family. Call today.

Critical Situations

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