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· The Bible is God’s Word. It contains the absolute, inerrant truth and was composed by God Himself.


· God’s truth is the foundation for all healing; therefore counseling is based on these truths from God’s word.


· Since the Holy Spirit provides the wisdom for effective and lasting change this Spirit is invited to participate in the counseling experience.


· NorthSide Family Counseling Center desires to encourage each of you to understand who God created you to be and to fully experience the abundant life God desires for each of His children.


· NorthSide Family Counseling Center exists as both a ministry and business to offer Biblical counseling to individuals of all faith and denominations. We do not discriminate against anyone on the basisof sex, race, color, ancestry, religious creed, national origin, physical disability (including HIV/AIDS), sexual orientation, mental disability, medical condition, age, or marital status.

· We proclaim the Trinity of the Godhead and each individual’s need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as the One and only means of eternal life.


· This relationship with Jesus Christ is a covenant relationship based on grace alone and has nothing to do with religious affiliation. This saving grace (salvation) can not be earned or achieved. It is absolutely a free gift.


· Individuals are not predetermined by genetics, family of origin, or other failings in life. Allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you and provide insight to change thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors can overcome these flaws and allow your character to be transformed.


· God’s word clearly describes a marriage as one man and one woman in a covenant relationship together with God. Marriage is not cohabitating. Each person is to honor the other and remain sexually pure in thought and behavior.

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