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Are parenting differences creating disharmony in your marriage? Have your children learned to pit you and your spouse against one another? Is your fighting affecting the children or are your children causing the fighting? Let a professional counselor help you create a plan to affectively discipline and parent your children.


Parenting Difficult Adolescents

Do you have a child ages 10-17 that you feel is slipping away? You no longer have the influence or the control you once had. Everyone offers suggestions, such as grounding, taking away the computer or cell phone, and countless other suggestions, but those things simply don’t work. No one understands that your child will simply walk out the door, defiantly turn the computer back on, or call you obscene names. Or maybe your child threatens to commit suicide or run away when you try to reclaim authority. Do you feel at a loss of how to regain control? Our counselors can give you practical tips on how to deal with these strong-willed, defiant youth. Learn tough love and watch as your family miraculously begins to heal and start trusting once again.


When Parents Don’t Take Control

  • There won’t be clear rules and consequences

  • Isolation, burnout and hopelessness set in

  • Parents become victims of teen terrorism

  • Extreme behaviors such as truancy, disrespect, failing grades, running away, teen pregnancy, STDs, sexual promiscuity, drug abuse, and threats of suicide may occur


One of NFCC’s suggested readings is Parenting Your Out-of- Control Teenager: 7 Steps to Reestablish Authority and Reclaim Love by Scott Sells


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