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Marriage Counseling

We believe marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman who are wed to one another until death.


While God may permit divorce in the case of adultery, this is not his desire for your marriage.


Restoration is always possible if the couple is willing to submit to Christ and give 100%.


Pornography is as harmful and degrading as adultery.


Divorce is almost equal in Christian and non-Christian marriages.


Divorce has long-term, far-reaching consequences, especially for children.


Marriage counseling is much less expensive than the costs of divorce.


Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce and that statistic is about the same for Christian couples. This is partly because Christians have adopted a world view of marriage that sees it as a contract that can be dissolved rather than a covenant or promise between two individuals that is to be valued until “death do us part”


Divorce appears to be the easy way out of the marriage, but divorce has long-term, far-reaching consequences especially if children are involved.


Before choosing this route, consider marriage counseling. Approximately eight sessions can usually make a tremendous difference in a relationship. While costs may be an issue, it is far less expensive to obtain counseling than to divorce with the final result being two households, child support, court costs, and lawyer fees.


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